Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring is just around the corner and as things begin to bloom it can make you ditch all your inside jobs to get out to sketch and paint.  If you can't get out, try taking a few photos or bringing a small bouquet inside to do a simple sketch after supper.  It is amazing how much we learn from a little sketch. 
Later, when there is time we can return to the photos and sketches which will give us courage to do a small painting.
Keep it simple.  Make a promise and a date for your art and stick with it.  You will be so blessed.
Your health will improve.  Your spirit will lift and the world will see a new you!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finding Artistic Courage

For everyone who hears that small voice 
                                                       that urges them to be creative!  

Every week I meet people who almost tear up when they tell you how much they want to learn to draw or paint.  They are usually adults who have given many years to raising a family, caring for others and now realize that the opportunity to feed their creative spirit has not be fed.

The drive to create needs to be greater than the fear of failure.  When you tell them how to get the right supplies to begin and then offer them a day of their choosing to go along with you to paint on location, they immediately begin to list all the ways their obligations are greater than their desires to learn to paint. 

If I had not had... and still do, the same emotional fear of failure, I might be disappointed in their response, but remembering all those over the years that have managed to get the courage to show up and give it a try!  The majority of these brave souls are now taller, happier and totally liberated because they gave their dream a place to happen.

I thought it would be fun to create a blog to support the courage factor for being an artist.  After three decades of being a serious artist... meaning that it is how I make a living, I feel I may be equipped to inspire others to follow their dream.

If you have always wanted to learn to paint, draw or find a medium to express a sincere creative desire, drop us a note. 
It takes tremendous courage to try your first painting.  I will share with you the story of my first "plein air" (on location) work of art and what I did to overcome my own fear of standing ALONE on location, in front of God and a park of tourists and fisherman to paint the view in front of me!  That was 20 years ago.  Wow.  I am so proud I took that chance. 

Let's go paint!!

To get started, always lay out your palette in the same arrangement.  This is mine and it has worked well for many years.  The blue strip on top-right?    That is a space for the palette knife.  Good habits make for less frustration.  The palette: by Masterson with a sealing blue top to save paint.