Thursday, January 21, 2016

What Inspires YouTo Paint by Donna Peters

What Inspires You?

Our inspiration comes from what is inside us as we respond to the world around us.

Emotions and art are first cousins.

Emotions give us the fuel and drive to paint. 
Some emotions can completely shut down the creative process.

A collection of simple personal items make the best paintings!

 What motivates or shuts me down may be just the opposite for you.  
Each artist has to sort out emotions for themselves… 
and be kind to ourselves in the process!

Something so simple: Indian Blanket flower

Years of collecting “tear sheets” from magazines, papers and travel brochures has given me files labeled according to subjects, locations or even moods.

My resources for a painting in the studio today.  I sometimes spend weeks gathering information about my subjects.

In going through my older files, I learn more about the life I have lived.  I am still the same person I was only now I know more about me!
Today it is so easy to save images in digital files, but I find that they eventually end up in printed form.


Finding Inspiration

Inspiration can come anywhere or anytime, but if you are living your life wrapped up in personal problems and in emotionally dark places, it will be hard to find.  Get out and give to others. Open your hand to give and it will be filled with gifts.

Winter is a wonderful time to study the shape of the trees.

Would you know how to paint this effect?  Other artists have done it so well.  Their success began with the willingness to try.  

My sketch book is a very personal view of my life.  It helps me sort out my thoughts and emotions.

I love writing out my ideas... and my emotions.  The words become a virtual recipe for a painting. I tell the sketch book what I want the painting to look like... the mood.  If there is a special item and I want it to look shiny, crisp or some special effect, this note goes into the sketch book.  

Visit the library or Google videos of other artists painting.   
Choose a location or subject:


The life of Monet: 

How to paint the beach: 

How to paint a simple rose…  

Basic painting prep:

Working on location is my sanctuary and my studio.

Do inventory on your supplies.
Clean and arrange your painting space. Many a great painting was done on the kitchen table or cold carport… or on location.

 What you have or don't have does not determine your success. You do.

A fresh palette is prepared for the next day.

Personal behavior hints:

Set out healthy foods and plenty of water while you work.  Stay hydrated.

Take exercise breaks. 

If you become confused as to how to handle a part of the painting, take a break and do a little house or garden work. 

This is a very special time.  You are becoming a new person….  

                                                                                                       the real you!

My favorite "no guilt" snack foods are raw almonds, carrots and citrus fruits.

  The mind functions best when attached to a healthy body.  Sometimes when we begin to paint and not yet involved in the process, we become anxious... and eat.  Sugar and bread foods pick us up just for a a few minutes and then drop us.  
It is amazing how heavy a brush can become when the body is 
not getting the right foods.  

Sugar is my enemy.  It robs me of energy and a clear mind.

Give yourself the right foods.  Exercise.  Live a longer and healthier life.
Live to paint better than you can even dream! 


If you want anything to grow, share it with someone who needs company or happiness.

Avoid people who exist only to take from others in an effort to seek their happiness.

Let your prayer be not to receive good, but to allow good to work through you.

Count your blessings.   
The list would make a great first entry into your sketch book of success. 

Donna Peters, artist

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Crane Hill, AL 35053

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