Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer with The Girls

Those of you who have painted with me in any of my oil or watercolour workshops, know that I usually share my theory that sharing your art is the best way to make it grow.  Life becomes filled with blessings when you introduce others to new ideas and the joy of living.

Life with a variety of people... 

I shared several days with a group of people with significant financial blessings.  I watched as they chased any possible lead for financial gain stepping over the blessings at their feet.  They left feeling poor and desiring happiness.

Others in my life have blessed me in so many new ways.

This group lives to serve others.  Many of them grow gardens and from dirt they not only watch the miracles of nature, but live in abundance.  They have more than they can consume and instead of tossing the excess to the side or hoarding it until it rots, they seek others that have an appreciation for good things and bless them with their excess.  I was one of the many people they blessed with their abundance.

Life brings new blessings

It all began with sharing a church pew with another family.  The grandmother told me how much she enjoyed her art.  I had painted several covers for our church bulletins for Christmas and Thanksgiving and found the exercise very rewarding.  With Father's Day approaching I asked Miss Rachelle if she would like to do the cover.  She was excited and maybe just a bit afraid of the project at first, but after sharing a couple of the right size sheets of watercolour paper she began to think about the possibilities.

By Father's Day Rachelle, the art was complete.  She also found a poem on the internet that expressed her feelings toward her own father.  With the help of a few good computer programs, combined, sized and designed a very special bulletin.

From this simple project grew a special 
group of 4 girls who wanted to learn to 
crochet, paint and just learn new things. 

  It was a perfect time to reach out and be a part of the life of their lives.  I had several weeks of waiting until the day when my daughter would donate her left kidney to her husband.  With worry consuming all of my own creative energy, the opportunity to spend time with Rachelle, Amber, Sophie and Morgan was a welcome relief.  With them I could still be creative, feel productive while the hours and days could quickly pass.

Watercolours soon became a Tuesday treat.  Walking the countryside we chose the abundant yellow daisies or Black Eyed Susans  for our first painting.  Once the paintings were finished and signed, they were worked into a note card design.  It was a perfect opportunity for us to talk about the importance of writing notes of thanks and what makes a note special and effective.

I'll let you admire the results.  Wish you could read a note I received from one of the girls.  It makes the last note from a new bride pale in comparison!!


Well done girls!!  I am so proud of you. 

And now it is time for school to start, art festivals begin for me in just a few weeks.  After a summer of going in new directions, I can celebrate my life with a few completed projects, new friends and feeling very blessed

As I have always warned those who paint with me: If you are anxious, tired or filled with fear, painting may not be the solution at the time.  Turn that energy into other great things.  In time your Creative Courage will return with renewed energy and I promise you will more than make up for lost time! 

Celebrate with me! The peaches are all gone.  Shared with friends, no one was wasted or lost.  I wish I could say the same for the hours we spend frozen in fear for things we cannot change.

Nervous energy at work!!  Yea! I finally got this project off my annual to do list!


Can't recall where I bought this old trunk for $15.
It took a week of real work, but  now it holds the remnants of many memories in my studio.


As for Paul and Pam?  The pains of the kidney surgeries are beginning to fade.  Their bodies work to adapt to the loss of a kidney with my daughter and the addition of what Paul calls "Miss Bean" to his body.  (This wash tub had been full of Pamela's peaches.)

 When we began this journey, we made many jokes about "Miss Bean" and the great kidney caper. Sayings like "it is better to give than receive" came to mind and we were warned that Pamela would suffer more after the surgery than Paul would.  

Is it indeed better to give than receive?

Pamela would say, "ABSOLUTELY"

and we agree!